Marketing Automation: 7 important advantages

Marketing Automation can be a difficult task. Many companies experience complex processes that arise due to slow, gradual business growth. Systems and workflows are adjusted bit by bit for every new situation because altering the course in one go is a big undertaking. Moreover, many people are not naturally willing to change, and employees tend to think 'but that's how we always did it'. In addition, unnecessarily complicated and slow processes full of boring or even meaningless tasks quickly absorb business assets.

But there is a more effective way to organise your workflows. Here we give 7 advantages at a glance that you can profit from by automating your business processes and leaflet layout.

Focus on what really matters with Relayter.
1. Marketing Automation Saves Time

This is obvious: Automation ensures that processes run faster. In addition, extra time savings are achieved with the automation of workflows because superfluous steps can be identified and removed.

2. Reliability

Mistakes are human. When your processes run automatically you prevent many human errors. Workflows follow a fixed pattern and are therefore reliable.

3. Quality

The aforementioned reliability leads directly to higher quality. By integrating different systems, errors that occur when exchanging files or data are prevented. This results in output or products of a higher quality.

4. Happier staff

At some point everyone has to deal with unpleasant tasks in their work. When these are below the skill level of the employee, and certainly when they are perceived as superfluous, they can have a mind-numbing effect. Automating business processes ensures that these types of tasks run as automatically as possible. Personnel can then fully focus on creative or profitable tasks which leads to more satisfaction and a feeling of fulfilment.

Clear, efficient, and above all automated processes can be scaled up relatively easily. With a organised system you are better prepared for further growth in the future.

5. More efficient management

It is also better for management staff when trivial tasks are automated, as they then require less supervision, making more time and energy available for managers to focus on strategy at a higher level.

6. Insightful performance

Measuring is knowing, and automated processes provide more insight and control options. Information is made available with which KPIs can be monitored.

7. Prepared for further growth

Clear, efficient, and above all automated processes can be scaled up relatively easily. With a organised system you are better prepared for further growth in the future. New employees can join the workflow more easily and are better prepared because all processes are clear and accompanied by proper documentation.

More then Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation and Print

With the word ‘ Marketing Automation’ people automatically think of IT departments. But within advertising and marketing increased profits can also be achieved with process automation. Examples include planning and implementing campaigns, managing and exchanging data about products and offers, and allowing this data to be entered automatically when creating your printed materials such as folders or posters.


This is precisely what the Relayter platform focuses on. Not only is your folder layout automated, your workflows, campaign management, and product information are also centrally organised. In addition, you pay per user per month, so you don’t have to make a large investment all in one go.

In short, by automating your processes you achieve higher productivity and quality at a lower cost, with satisfied colleagues and an improved workflow. See how Relayter can help your company with marketing and design automation by planning a demo with an expert here.

About the author
Edward Hölsken

Edward Hölsken

Edward started out in online marketing but soon found his passion in entrepreneurship. He successfully founded multiple tech startups and merged mediaBunker into what is now known as CMN Group. He then co-founded CMN spinoff company Relayter to solve the complex issues that come with retail marketing productions. Going from large datasets to automatic layout design. His mission is to redefine and simplify how retailers operate their marketing process.

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