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Content Automation software for Adobe InDesign

Automate repetitive creative work without the hassle
In order to produce a large volume of (retail) marketing materials that are on-brand, on-time and on-budget, design processes , proofing workflows and digital asset management need to be efficiently managed during the entire marketing production process. You need to have sophisticated software solution that is capable of automating design from data, such as digital assets and product information systems. Usually this complex data resides in a scattered landscape of data sources, such as ERP, PIM, DAM, FTP servers, and Excel or CSV files. Having a streamlined automated design workflow significantly reduces costs and improves your marketing production time-to-market.


Automated Design Templates

Create your own brand templates and automatically generate omnichannel marketing content.


Content Proofing Workflows

Review design work, place notes and comments and collaborate with colleagues easily.

Everything in one platform

Keep all your digital assets, templates and workflows in one central platform. So you are back in control.

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Adobe InDesign Server

With our SaaS platform you are able to automate the design process by creating & filling templates with InDesign automation. We bundle all your product information data, digital assets and pricing data into one software platform. Your team can collaborate in one workflow and your are fully in control.

Our design automation software integrates with Adobe InDesign Server to automatically generate accurate online proofs. These can be reviewed with colleagues and/or multiple departments to create an efficient proofing workflow process. Automatically generate layout designs quickly and collaborate together in a flexible intuitive workflow environment without any hassle of printing, e-mailing or calling.

Relayter is not only an automated design solution. It is also a digital asset management and workflow automation platform that gives retailers and product companies a single repository for large volumes of product data and digital assets. Our SaaS platform brings you back in control. With Relayter you remove the chaos and start winning back time.


Seamless integration with your existing software landscape and marketing production process

Managing large volumes of digital assets for enterprise and the retail industry requires automated software to handle and manage large data sets. That is why many factors affect choice when it comes to selecting the best automated design software.

One of the most important factors to consider (especially for retail and large businesses) is the ability to seamlessly integrate design automation software with the existing IT technology landscape and current marketing campaign production workflows. When it comes to IT, think about integrating your current PIM or DAM systems. And when it comes to marketing production workflows, think about your current layout standards, brand guidelines and collaboration between possible suppliers such as marketing agencies or photography studios.

SaaS solution

Our SaaS solution is build from the ground as a high tech API-first platform. This enables it to connect and integrate with any kind of software or data source.

Relayter design automation utilizes advanced metadata and custom data field management of all content, layouts and files integrated or migrated to the Relayter enterprise cloud database. This enables users to methodically group, sort, search for, share and utilize large volumes of product information and design layouts across different departments involved with the production of marketing materials.

Relayter automated design software also ensures specific team members are only provided with the digital assets needed to create specific marketing materials, which reduces disruptions to marketing production workflows and increases productivity. Customization options also allow administrators to configure different roles and levels of permissions for appropriate team members (managers, designers, traffic, suppliers, agencies) to ensure only approved layout templates and assets are used during the design and production of specific marketing materials.

Efficiently manage Design Layout templates and Marketing Production workflows in one centralized platform

Relayter design automation software enables all digital assets, layout templates and tasks to be managed in one centralized location. Buyers, Category Managers, Content coordinators, creative design staff, outside agencies and every role involved in the marketing production process is able to efficiently work together. Organize, store, retrieve, create and share large volumes of design and layout assets with relevant team members in a streamlined manner.

Relayter’s simple and easy-to-use drag and drop interface also ensures it can be used effectively by all marketing production team members across all departments. It allows for easy integration into any current or existing marketing production workflow. You can easily setup custom workflows for every specific publication that you want to produce within a campaign.

Whether you work with weekly or monthly ad folders, product brochures, magazines, leaflets, social media posts, banners or regularly changing POS advertising material, you can fill all your publication templates from one single campaign data set. Relayter automated design software is your ultimate SaaS solution to reduce time-to-market and save up to 30% on your marketing production costs. With Relayter you remove the chaos and start winning back time.

Automate repetitive creative work

Manage campaign or project data by importing products and promotions. Set up smart design templates and create proofing workflows. Then streamline your complete marketing production with creative automations.

Relayter is the #1 Adobe InDesign automation software for Retail brands

Relayter is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider of PIM, DAM, Database Publishing, Automated Design and Proofing Workflow management within large marketing productions. It is recognized as an established provider of enterprise-class software solutions in the retail marketing industry.

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