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Data-driven Content made Easy

Whether you have a lot of retail promotions or large amounts of products. Turn your PIM, DAM, ERP or any data set into clear briefings and great marketing campaigns.

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From data to layout

It is simpler said than done, but Relayter can help you turn data into automated design layouts for any kind of marketing material you need. Online and offline content, digital or print. To turn large data sets into automated content output, you need a solid foundation.

This is why you can set up all the data fields that you would like to use in your projects. From product descriptions, retail pricing, titles, SKU numbers, EAN barcodes, language variants, channel types and anything you can basically think of. Once set up, you can feed Relayter with your data through various inputs. Easily create user friendly forms or connect to your data source of choice, such as PIM or ERP, via our powerful API. Relayter is built to function as a powerful marketing resource management solution. Being able to integrate with any business data source and automate all your marketing production output in one place.

Relayter Data to Layout with design automation

Keep track with Data Briefings

With Relayter you can manage all your project or campaign data in
one simple overview, without Excel spread sheets.

In Relayter we call these ‘Data Briefings’. If you already manage promotional data or product data in an ERP or other software tool, it can easily integrate with Relayter’s API. Once data is automatically loaded in or manually entered into Relayter, you have an intuitive overview of your data briefing. Here you can check, enrich and edit your data on the fly. Data briefings provide you with powerful and granular control over the campaign or project data before it is used in content automation workflows.

Relayter Data Briefing with retail product promotions

Product based content at scale

Whether you are a large product brand or retail organization, product data-driven marketing is of key importance.

Relayter allows you to set up products as objects manually or import them directly from your data source of choice, such as PIM or ERP. Product titles, descriptions, pricing and identifiers can easily be turned into automated content, such as leaflets, banners, posters, or any kind of marketing material. Not just once or twice, but thousands of times, driven and automated by your product data input.

Retail marketing promotions

Relayter was developed by and for retail marketing specialists in cooperation with some of the biggest retail brands in the world.

Relayter was developed by and for retail marketing specialists in cooperation with some of the biggest retail brands in the world. You can create promotions driven campaigns, set up automations based on promotions data and automatically fill smart design templates based on business rules. This makes it the perfect MRM platform to produce promotional marketing materials, for any channel. Easily turn promotional data into leaflets, folders, magazines, online banners, email images, social posts and more.

Data-driven content creation with Relayter

Manage campaign or project data by importing products and promotions. Set up smart design templates and create proofing workflows. Then streamline your complete marketing production with creative automations.

Need to turn your data into omnichannel marketing content?

Relayter is a leading SaaS provider of omnichannel Automated Design and Proofing Workflow management within large marketing productions. Request a FREE DEMO from one of our Design Automation experts to discover why so many companies use Relayter.

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