How Praxis automates creative content with better promo data in Relayter

A customer story about Praxis with Susan van der Meer.

Praxis - Maxeda DIY Group

Maxeda DIY Group is the largest DIY retailer in the BeNeLux area with 3 brands and over 330 stores.

The Praxis brand is one of the best know DIY retail chains in the Netherlands and has a large weekly set of marketing content including: magazines, POS materials, banners, email and other promotion materials. With Relayter they can produce this content in large volumes, and on time.

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“With Relayter we automatically link proofing annotations to campaign data. This means that we do not lose any information in the creative (DTP) process. Combined with automations for POS Print and Online Banners, it is our main publishing hub."

Susan van der Meer – Account & Project Manager

A strong promo data foundation

Producing promo content at scale is a retail challenge by itself. Automating that content is another. In reality the best solution lies somewhere in between. Keeping room for creative work while automating the ‘stupid’ work. As is the case with most of Relayter’s retail customers, the promo data wasn’t exactly great to start automations with. So we put our minds together to create a new (single) source of truth where promotion data is reusable and scalable.

We established (API and CSV) data connections with existing PIM and DAM systems directly to Relayter. Then we setup an Airtable database to build up reusable promotion data from the existing SAP Trade Marketing exports. Combining all 3 data streams (PIM / DAM / Airtable Promo) we created a content publishing hub in Relayter that can (re)use campaign data over multiple content channels. This gives Praxis the ability to create creative artwork, such as magazines, in flexible workflows while automating high volume content, such as online banners or POS materials.

Creative & Automated content

Folders and magazines are one of the main (local) channels in a retail marketing mix. For Praxis this is no different.

From the central campaign data a first draft of folders is always created. The promo data briefing that is powered by trade marketing input is leading in this case, and determines positions, styling mechanisms, copy and pricing. The weekly promo folder is then put through a custom workflow with multiple stakeholders; marketing, agency and buying departments. There is a strict roles & rights setup to make sure this process is as efficient as possible, while keeping campaign data up-to-date.

When folders and magazines are done, Praxis is able to take the campaign data and run volume automations for POS in-store materials, narrow casting content, online promo banners or CRM content such as email newsletter images. This automations can be customized per week / campaign and Relayter provides the ability to export specific content packages for various printers, pos distributors, or digital marketing channels such as e-commerce and ad-networks.

Custom review & proofing workflows

Reviewing content with multiple stakeholders and multiple change rounds can become very messy. With Relayter Praxis – Maxeda has the ability to create custom workflows per marketing channel and region.

Within workflows every stakeholder has its own role connected to specific tasks and abilities, such as sign-off, placing sticky notes or even changing campaign promo data. Everything is connected, layout, design, promo data and review notes. This means that promo data changes can be continuously fed into design files up until the day that content goes off to print & distribution. It also gives Praxis the option to view and log any proofing note or data change during the content production process.

Wether its the agency, a buyer or marketing, everyone can stay in-sync while things keep moving forward. Creative work can be added, changed or updated as many times as needed with Relayter’s strong Adobe InDesign powered engine. And wherever data driven content is needed, automations are possible without losing overview and control.

How to automate promotions with Relayter

Manage campaign or project data by importing products and promotions. Set up smart design templates and create proofing workflows. Then streamline your complete marketing production with creative automations.

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