Design & Workflow Automation

Retail promotion campaigns, content production & workflows simplified.

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Customers that already optimize
their marketing production with Relayter

These companies use the best design automation, content proofing and promotions workflow in the retail industry to create their omnichannel marketing content.


How it works

Manage promotion campaigns, setup design templates, create proofing workflows and streamline your complete marketing production.

Everything in one platform

Stay on track, reduce production costs, focus on what really matters by improving your internal processes and manage everything from one place with our true SaaS solution for Retail.


Campaigns & Briefing

Process large data sets from your ERP, DAM or PIM into clear briefings and collaborate on it with your team.


Products & Assets

Only use and manage the data you need to create great marketing materials, don’t clutter your workflow with unnecessary product data.


Templates & Content

From data to layout without legacy InDesign plugins or custom made software. Easily create templates in your own formats. Generate files you can really work with.


Workflows & Proofing

Collaborate with your team, setup workflows. Generate layouts, review them, proof materials efficiently and publish amazing work as a team with less effort and faster time-to-market.


Reduction in production costs

Our customers have reduced
their marketing costs significantly


Faster Time To Market

Our customers marketing
productions run on time


Increase in Management Insight

Our recent survey showed an
average of 75 percent better insights