How AS Watson improved the time-to-market of their promotions with Relayter

A customer story about AS Watson Benelux with Erik Verwoert.

Kruidvat, Trekpleister and more

AS Watson is one of the largest retail companies in the world, focused on the pharmacy & personal health care segment, with over 16.000 store locations in 50 countries.

AS Watson Benelux is responsible for over 1600 stores across 5 brands in the Netherlands and Belgium. This includes Kruidvat, Trekpleister, ICI Paris XL, Pour Vous and Prijsmepper. To run marketing operations smoothly, AS Watson chose Relayter.

Erik Verwoert promotions manager A.S. Watson Kruidvat met Relayter

“Thanks to Relayter, AS Watson is able to deliver all promotional content 52 times a year, for 5 different brands, on time and on-brand."

Erik Verwoert – Project Manager Promotions

The Challenge

AS Watson Benelux has promotions on a weekly basis, that need to be filled with a vast amount of product and promotional data.

This is a challenge by itself, but doing it for 5 brands with multiple publications year round, is a different kind of game. All data needs to be correct, creative work needs to be produced efficiently and on-brand. All assets need to be flexible for change and everything needs to be reviewed and approved. Getting things right and doing it in a reliable way is crucial.

The Solution

Relayter works as a central MRM tool, bringing all marketing promotion data together into campaigns, publications and smart templates.

AS Watson starts by loading promotional data (PIM, ERP) into Relayter which is then enriched with the existing Relayter DAM assets and user input. Within campaigns, publications are then created, based on various templating options. These templates are filled with all correct product and promotional data, such as pricing, text or images.

For each brand there are multiple template variations in multiple formats. Think of branding, styling, fonts and layout settings for regular promotions, holidays or other special themes. But also for multiple publications; flyers, magazines, point of sale material, online banners and crm mailings. Everything is predefined together with the marketing agency and production teams, before we automatically generate design files for each publication within a campaign.

Multi-Stakeholder Proofing Workflows

Once the various (omnichannel) publications within campaigns are set up, we have extensive proofing workflows for each of these publications.

With these proofing workflows, AS Watson keeps a clear and visual overview of all publications and items that need corrections or final touch-ups. This can be done through design and DTP work in Adobe InDesign. Agencies, suppliers, buyers, planning and the marketing team all work together to move things forward in a structured way. Delivering high quality, approved work, on time.

With Relayter, there is a clear overview of all creative product assets and the complete production process. This means that production costs are reduced by over 25% and campaigns can go-to-market a lot faster.

How to automate promotions with Relayter

Manage campaign or project data by importing products and promotions. Set up smart design templates and create proofing workflows. Then streamline your complete marketing production with creative automations.

Automated Design & Proofing Workflows for Retail Promotions

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