Digital Asset Management

Centralize all content in one place

Manage your complete content lifecycle by approving, storing, linking and distributing assets from one centralized solution. Keep everything connected and publish retail content with ease.

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Relayter Digital Asset Management DAM

Upload, download, export anything

Create one single source of truth for all your creative and digital assets. Upload and store any file you want to use in your marketing production. From InDesign or PDF documents to MPG movie and JPG image files.

All assets can be linked to other existing Relayter objects, such as products, projects, campaign data briefings and publications. Relayter is an API-first platform which can connect, extract and export anything to anywhere. Whether you need assets for Ecommerce, Retail or backlink to your PIM or ERP, we got you covered. From Webhooks to CSV files, the options are limitless.

Upload download and export any digital assets in Relayter DAM

Organize & Find

We know that one of the most important goals of a DAM, is to organize and retrieve creative assets with speed. Whether you need to search, tag or edit files, we provide an intuitive interface that responds in the blink of an eye. From any location in the world.

With Relayter asset management you can also add all sorts of meta-data, tailored to your retail business needs. From marketing channels and linked products to usage rights or ownership. Enrich your files with all the data your team needs. Once set up, our lightning fast search and filtering gives you the power to find assets with ease.

Organize and find digital assets in Relayter DAM

Integrated with product data
and publications, by default

All your image assets in Relayter will be directly usable in campaign data briefings and automatic content creation by default. No extra setup or integrations required. Using our integrated-DAM will create a one-stop content publishing hub for all your marketing operations. From category management and marketing planning to agency or design staff. This creates a marketing resource management (MRM) solution that your entire content production chain can count on.

Integrate your digital assets with all Relayter data and publications

Asset approval & sample tracking

Whether you need tracking for new product photography, or multi stakeholder sign-off on new assets, we provide a customizable workflow for that. Create the perfect content approval process tailored to your retail business requirements.

Relayter Adobe CC plugins for easy content access

Adobe CC Plugins

No need to download and upload content manually. Easily access your files from Photoshop or InDesign with our Adobe plugins. Open, edit and save. It is as simple as that.

Enterprise access control

Keep your content and brand assets safe with solid access control. Create fully customizable roles with the right permissions for each user type. On top of that, you have the ability to set content grouping rights to separate assets between various teams within your organization. This means that everybody in your team will have access to only the content that is relevant to them, and permissions tailored to their functional needs.

Relayter Enterprise Cloud scalability on a global scale

How to manage digital assets with Relayter

Manage all your digital assets in one centralized MRM + DAM solution. Keep everything connected to your campaigns and publications, and streamline your complete marketing production with creative workflow automations.

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