Sales Development Representative

Become our inbound sales wizard by creating a steady stream of qualified leads.

About Us

Relayter helps large retailers simplify the marketing production process with an industry leading SaaS platform. We care about customer success and customer service, and we’re extremely passionate about the quality of our work.


Become an Inbound Lead Wizard

The ideal candidate will have the aptitude and passion to become a master of Relayter’s product capabilities, underlying technology, and competitive advantages for retail companies. Being able to give kick-ass product demo’s 🤩 and excite people about wanting to know “more”.

Your responsibilities:

  • Qualify inbound marketing leads for the sales team
  • Create amazing inbound experiences with leads (web chat, live demo’s, phone, etc.)
  • Work with marketing and sales to execute lead generation campaigns
  • Create (cold or warm) outbound touches into the market (email, phone, etc) to develop qualified leads
  • Work with our marketing & sales tools to pass qualified leads to senior sales members and to keep updated prospect forecast of opportunities
  • Answer customer business questions and determine if there is (BANT):
    • Budget for a purchase
    • Authority to purchase
    • Need for Relayter
    • Timing, the urgency for Relayter is imminent

What we have to offer:

  • Competitive salary depending on experience and knowledge level
  • Excellent conditions: generous vacation time, company sponsored lunch, travel expenses, remote working
  • An informal and international working environment with great colleagues
  • The opportunity to work alongside the founders of the company (small no-nonsense team)
  • Company sponsored drinks on Fridays (depending on Covid-19 measures of course)
  • Office close to the historic Haarlem city centre and Amsterdam, easily reachable by public transport and car

Minimum qualifications:

  • Ability to convey information clearly and analyze customer requirements as needed to help customer make buying decisions
  • Strong customer orientation, dedication, and passion for delivering a great customer experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Dutch and English
  • Collaborative and team oriented
  • Strong learning aptitude and the ability to become deeply fluent in Relayter features and the processes of the retail marketing industry
  • Must be living in the Netherlands and not further away than 50 km from Haarlem

What we would appreciate:

  • 1+ years of successful sales experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree (HBO niveau)
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Flexible (ability to work across different time zones) and able to think quickly
  • Knowledge of the retail industry and its complex marketing productions (Print, POS, Doordrop, Online display Ads, etc.)


Ready to conquer the world together?

If this all sounds like it would get you out of bed with that extra pep, then we’re looking for you!

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Our core values

Being wrong is okay. Admit mistakes freely and openly. Don’t be afraid to lose face, as long as you learn & grow from it.

Problems excite us because we see them as opportunities. Be curious, challenge prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches. Embrace change and create value by tackling tough questions with new solutions.

Respect clients & build trust by providing a consistent high-quality service for them and their customers. Help clients & partners grow by exceeding their expectations. Their success is your success.

Find passion in your work, take ownership and don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Do the hard things and focus on results over process. In the long run, rewards will be much higher.

Create trust by working with integrity and accountability so peers, partners and clients have confidence in your abilities. We are a team, don’t push anyone under the bus for personal gain. We spend every day together, nurture your work environment as if it would be your home.

Check your ego no matter how good you are. You treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you. Being humble allows you to learn and improve trough an open mind.

We promote physical and mental wellbeing by stimulating a healthy lifestyle. Eat well & work-out regularly. Work hard & challenge yourself, but take time to reflect, rest & play as well.

Earn your respect trough achievements and reliability, not seniority. Share information openly among colleagues and make time to help each other. Never feel any task is beneath you and always deliver what you promise.