Product Roadmap

A small glimpse into our future releases.

Our product roadmap

Our product roadmap shows which features we are planning to add to Relayter in the coming releases. Please keep in mind that this roadmap is not set in stone. We continually evaluate the product fit with our current and future customers and adjust our roadmap accordingly.

Automated POS selection and generation 

Based on the data in you briefing Relayter will be able to automatically select and generate the right material for you.

POS Packaging module

Configuring POS packages that you will be able to download and send to your presser. The package will contain placement code, number of items and sort order.

Data fields

A mayor update where-in all fields for products and briefing items can be setup by the user. We support text, number, enumerating list, (tag) list, boolean (yes and no).

This update also includes configurable filter options, new data tables, etc.

Notification System

Get notifications in Relayter when a sticky receives a comment, when a page changes step or when you download is ready.

New Template & Spread editor 

The spread and template editor were getting old and in need of an update. This new version is more reliable cross platform and just works better.

Category management

Setup groups and Access policies to make sure only users in specific groups can access specific content from products and publications.

InDesign Format editor

We have a complex and very detailed system for layouting your products or offers on your page but it requires a developer to setup. The format editor allows our customer succes managers (and eventually Relayter users) to make changes in your formats.

Single Sign-on

Using Google, Azure, SAML or other services and protocols to login to Relayter.

InDesign background / Master pages

We are adding the ability to upload an InDesign template file which will be used as a base for your generated pages and spreads. This will allow you to add default elements like a logo or disclaimer to your pages.

Publication Web

We added the publication type web. You can now generate for instance Web banners using pixels in your template and PNG as the file format.

Security update: Updated authentication mechanism

We updated our authentication and are now using 0Auth2.0 with PKCE-enhanced Authorization Code Flow for extra security.